To those who are not familiar with me, in 2018 I have been making whistles for 25 years. My instruments are made from an aluminium alloy and are based on the Original Low Whistle Design, by Bernard Overton. From 1993 until August 2009, I marked the instruments I made 'Overton'. Since then I have used my own name, so they now are marked 'Goldie'. The Goldies offer a range of whistles from high E (Soprano), all the way down to Low G (Bass Baritone), including all flats and sharps, as well as special-fingering models.

"There is NO ONE perfect whistle for everyone as we all have our own idea on what is 'good'."

Every player has his own ideas concerning what makes a great whistle. It normally comes down to playability, tone, and the overall feel. What I love about the whistle design I make, is that it allows modification from one instrument to the next, and from one extreme to the other, if needed. My instruments are hands on from beginning to end, with the aim of making the best whistles you can purchase, anywhere.

Before I made my first whistle, I was a player who had preferences for certain instruments, but I was not able to find a maker who was willing to make a whistle, exactly the way I wanted it to perform. When I started to make whistles full time, one of my intentions was to make sure that the player who comes to me with something in mind, or with specific needs, will find these in the instruments I make for her or him. I will be happy to assist and advise you to pick out the right whistle for you, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

I have been very fortunate in working with many influential whistle players through the years. Watching them play, listening to their wishes, and on many occasions learning their tunes, makes me understand what the instruments have to be capable of in a playing situation, and helps me further develop my creative skills.

Apart from me personally, you, as a customer, also have the support and help of my wife Brigitte.