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From "Flook"-website:

Brian Finnegan from Armagh, a founder member of Upstairs in a Tent. '...a thrilling talent, marvellous technical dexterity, bold musical imagination and urgent tone combining in playing of breathtaking suppleness and delicacy'


Scotland on Sunday:

'He stands out, in a nation of wonderful flute players, as much more than a technical virtuoso, his playing having the freewheeling lightness of touch and inspired musical understanding that flows into improvisation in real time, at reel speed.' Norman Chalmers, The List

What Brian says about my work

"Hello. My name is Brian Finnegan. I have been playing Colin Goldie made Overton whistles for 15 years. I was outrageously fortunate to have played in a wonderful band, Flook, for 13 of those years. I toured and recorded with some fantastic performers, Kate Rusby and Cara Dillon and my music took me outside of the world of Irish Traditional music where i grew up, into the landscapes of jazz, rock and pop. Constant with me, every step of the journey, have been my treasured set of Colin's whistles. We've grown up together, as my style subtly changed, so too did the new whistles that came to me from Colin. And that is no surprise to me, because you see, there is a magic alchemy that goes into making magnificent musical instruments, born from a place in the maker that cares for the smallest details, with time and dedication that it no longer pays to have. Aside from his profound talent as a whistle maker, what i admire most about Colin is his determination not to compromise the quality for the quantity, he never cut's corners, not for me, not for anyone. It's a mighty privilege for me to know both Colin and Brigitte Goldie as the wonderful human beings they are and an ongoing great comfort to play the music i play on Goldie Whistles.

Continued success amigo, for many years to come.

Brian Finnegan, Flook"

Video Links

Soprano Eb whistle: Flook - Pressed for Time

Alto F whistle: Three little Steps/Goldies

Soprano D whistle: Flook - Nightride to Armagh

Mezzo B, small bore whistle: Aquarium: Аквариум "Анютины глазки"

Mezzo A whistle: Flook - Gone Fishing

Alto F whistle: Aquarium - Day of Joy

Brian Finnegan Quartett at Celtic Connections 2010 - various keys

Soprano D whistle: Brian Finnegan Trio - Live

Tenor D whistle: Brian Finnegan with Aquarium