How can I clean the outside of my whistle or get it even more shiny?

The polished finish of the whistles will dull down over time but to prolong this you can take some measures. You can always wash it with a little bit of hand soap and rinse it off with clear water. Then dry it with a cotton cloth twisting it following the polishing lines. This will take the finger oils and salts from the surface. Also just a clean cotton cloth and twisting it around the body following the polishing lines will help taking these oils off. On the head wipe it vertically with the polishing lines. When you wash it and it is a tuneable whistle, you do not need to take it apart.


Alternatively you can use very fine aluminum polish and polish the body following the polishing lines. These will slowly disapear by doing this and you will have a shiny, chromelike finish. After polishing it wash the whistle thoroughly to get rid of the polishing substances and then dry it and buff up with a clean cotton cloth when needed. This finish will change the touch of the instrument as well. Sometimes the drawback of this type of polishing is that when your fingers become sweaty they either can stick more to the body or become slippery depending on the situation, which is why I not do it myself.

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