How to clean the inside of the mouthpiece?

If you are completely happy with how your whistle plays and sounds, then it is advisable to leave it alone and just play it. If it seems to be making problems like clogging more than it used to it can can be that something got trapped inside the windway and it needs cleaning out.


To clean the mouthpiece dip the head into warm soapy water and let it soak a little while to get whatever is inside softened up. Then push a plastic strip through the windway and scrape it out. Do not use metal, sandpaper or materials harder than aluminium. A harder but flexible plastic strip like from an old credit card will do the job and should not cause any scratches on the surfaces. Push through and concentrate on each side of the windway and do as long as bits are coming out. Wash it through with clear, warm water and try how it plays. If it still is not how you like it, repeat the procedure. It should have made a difference. If after a few attempts the problem does not disappear please contact me and we can see what I can do to help.


In case your instrument is older what always can be done is to give it a complete overhaul, have a look at my service page for this.

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