I have a tunable whistle and the fitting is getting loose over time, what can I do to make it tighter?

The tuning slide is sealed by PTFE-tape also called plumbers tape or teflon tape. You normally can buy this in any DIY shop or in a plumber's shop. If the fit gets looser you can take the whistle apart. If you find the tape is still smooth and looking good, you possibly can just wrap around one new layer of tape and it is sealed again for a good while. Alternatively you can take it completely off and renew it. When you buy the plumbers tape, try to find the one that is 0,08 mm thick, often this is in a "red" roll. If you have thicker tape you may not be able to get it as perfect, so I recommend searching for the thinner one. If you have already worked with plumbers tape in different circumstances you will find it not too hard to make a new seal to the whistle. The hardest part is the beginning and to get the tape keeping onto it, once the first round is done it gets easier. I normally start about 5 mm away from the mouth piece side and work my way around to the end and back, sometimes the two layers are already enough to seal. It has to be smooth and without ripples, otherwise when putting the instrument together, it may get stuck. You can always call if you find you are having problems.

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