What can you expect when you buy directly from myself?

When I make a batch of whistles what I normally would do is to play a few whistles that I think will suit a player's specifications (if any) over the phone and describe their differences and demonstrate how they perform. Over the years this has proven to work very well and can give a good idea which one to choose. The one liked most will be shipped out. I have a cheap line for land phones and can call you if necessary, to save you the phone costs. You are always welcome to visit by appointment and choose yourself.


All whistles are made to the same high standards and they are played and checked well before they go out. If you order one of my instruments from the shops I work with, they will be versatile and responsive players which I am sure will suit many different styles. If though you are looking for something particular in an instrument I recommend to order directly from myself so that these requirements can be incorporated when making your instrument.

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