Players - Ian Melrose

Solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist (Celtic and contemporary), dobro and low whistle player, studio musician, ex-Clannad lead guitarist, member of Kelpie, Leuchter-Melrose Duo, Island Tapes project, Talking Water and Norland Wind Trio, arranger, producer … many facets of a musical personality.

What Ian says about my work

"Colin Goldie is an outstanding craftsman who makes excellent whistles. The whistles sound great, are pitched very accurately and are a pleasure to play. Since getting my first whistle from Colin years ago I've become a regular and loyal customer, and appreciate the patience and effort he puts in, even when I ring up and say "Colin, I need an f# whistle for a studio job next week ...". I intend to use these whistles for a long time yet (and by the way, I could do with a baritone B-natural in the not too distant future ... :-) I can warmly recommend Colin and his whistles to anyone."

Video Links

Tenor D whistle played in Eminor: Summertime

Duo Kelpie - Demo Video