Players - Joergen W. Lang

Joergen W. Lang (Vocals, Guitars, Goldie Low-Whistles) is a composer, producer, performer and recording artist. He is a pioneer of the DADGAD guitar tuning in Germany and founder member of award-winning German progressive Folk band Hoelderlin Express.
His current projects are: DÁN ("fine irish music"), releasing their second CD soon; member of the International World Music Festival "KlangWelten" 2009; member of "Karawane 2010"; constant member of Ruediger Oppermann's "Karawane" ensemble, realising various world music projects.
Joergen's first solo album is scheduled for release in mid-October 2009.

What the player says about my work

"On the 23rd of January 2009 you drove 200km just to help me out with spare instruments. You didn't have to, but you did.

Thank you!
Humbled and grateful,