Price Changes 01. February 2012

2012-02-01 12:00

Dear Whistle-Friends,


working independently I was able to cover some of the increased material, energy and insurance costs over the last years with additional working hours but there is only so much time in a day you can work.


After keeping the prices stable since January 2007, as of first of February there is another small price change for my instruments. Over the last 12 years this is the third time my prices have raised with a total increase since 1999 for a non-tuneable Soprano D whistle from 120 to now 140 Euros and non-tuneable Tenor D from 165 to now 195 Euros (excl. VAT).


Brigitte is finally up-to-date with her email-backlog since last night and will handle new incoming requests for another week as if they came in before the raise. Already placed orders of course are not affected by this increase as well as already given offers. 


I hope I can keep my prices stable for a good while and thank everyone for your support through the years.






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