Email situation - Update

2014-01-01 14:12

During the last 15 months it has been not easy for people to get in touch with us via email. One reliable constant was "us being late" and there was nothing more that we could do to help this.

Brigitte has not been well and was several times in hospital. During these stays and the following recovery weeks she often could not reply any incoming email and tried to catch up as best as she could when she had good days. Also the waiting time estimations have not been as reliable and were sometimes a lot longer than expected.

We wanted to Thank You All for your patience and understanding for our situation and we were and are touched by the many good wishes and help we have received from you. It is mellowing down a little now and hopefully before Spring comes our response times and reliability in General will be up to where it was before.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2014



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