Happy New Year and Email situation - Update

2017-12-31 17:00

We wanted to wish you a Healthy and Happy 2018 and thank you again for all your patience and support during 2017.
We are still backlogged with our emails and from the experience of the last few years this situation will follow us for another while.  Our response times are way beyond what we would wish them to be.

Brigitte tries to make sure that her late replies have no negative effect on your overall waiting time. It can sometimes mean she writes to you at the time the keys you are looking for are in the finishing process and can be chosen soon by you. Depending on the key the waiting times vary and can be 2 to 5+ months. Not every system is perfect and we realised in the last couple of years that emails can get overseen and keep unresponded. It is always important to write the key you are looking for into your message, it helps with her contacting system. We also again really like to encourage you to phone in and see how the situation is.

As mentioned in an earlier News-Update. If you receive a message asking for you to call, be it for technical questions or to choose a whistle, please do so asap. Also if a batch of whistles is ready to be chosen from, not only one person is contacted but severalI and the choice will go down quite quickly. I always can call you back to save you the phone bill, this is not a problem at all.

Also if you need an urgent repair or have an upcoming deadline, please call when you think our answer takes longer than expected, so that we have a chance to help. ++49 2431 3014. 
I stopped offering non-tuneable whistle keys on the whistle*s price list from 01. January 2018, old orders will be fulfilled.  
I am very happy and will carry on trying to build the whistles you do not want to put down again.

Again our thanks for All your patience and understanding for our situation and the good wishes, it is much appreciated.  

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2018

Colin and Brigitte

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