Website and Goldie Whistle launch

2009-09-01 19:15

This is the launch of the new website and with it comes a new name for the instruments that I make. After 16 years of calling my instruments Overton I will now use my own name "Goldie" to mark the whistles that I make. A year after Bernard Overton’s death the family put forward a new agreement in such a way that I decided to let go of the name Overton. There are more important things ahead of us now other than thinking “which name to call my instruments", so it was not a hard decision to change to Goldie.

We are hoping to add to the website as time goes by and can assure you that the whistles will remain first class as nothing has changed apart from the stamp that is used and that if you now say “Goldie Whistle” it is clear one of my instruments is meant.

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