Players - Remi Decker

Rémi grew up in a musical family. He discovered (continental) bagpipe at the age of 10. Sort of coïncidence: his great-grandfather, Emmanuel Durlet, a well-known composer and pianist, was fascinated about bagpipes and traditional music (he composed for instance 'Bagpipe player'). Whistles took through the years a right place next to the pipes. Rémi performs with 'K VOEL ME BELG, GRIFF, BBGE, DUO DECKER-DECOMBEL, SOURDINE, IALMA and the French band MINUIT GUIBOLLES.

What Remi says about my work

"Colin gave me a whistle like 5 minutes before I was going on stage. "Try this one!", he said... So I played on that gig for the first time one of Colin's Low D whistles. I never gave it him back!"

Video Links

Tenor D whistle: Minuit Guibolles - L'hélas tic...

Tenor D whistle: Decombel - De Geliefden

Tenor D whistle: Decker - Decombel Troglodytes

Tenor D whistle: Minuit Guibolles -  Et sous une fleur de verre