Players - Siobhán Kennedy

Siobhán Kennedy grew up in a musical family in the North East of Ireland and learned to play music by ear as passed on by her father, Rory. Her childhood summers were filled with musical events throughout Ireland. As an adult she toured all over Europe both as a soloist and with the band “Lá Lugh” as a musician, dancer and teacher. She has featured as a guest musician and singer on various CDs, television and radio programs, is a member of Irish-German trio "Iontach" and is in ever-growing demand to give workshops.

What Siobhán says about my work

"I started to play Colin’s whistles about 10 years ago. The first time I ordered a whistle from Colin, he spent a lot of time with me, watching and listening as I tried various whistles until I found the sound I liked. He then proceeded to make me my first Goldie whistle which was exactly the sound I wanted, not shrill, but mellow and a little hoarse! On my next order before I had a chance to say anything, Colin said “I know what you like”, and again produced a whistle that I just loved immediately. His whistles are easy to fill, and getting a nice tone is effortless through both octaves and the weight balance is perfect. They are a pleasure to play and to listen to."

Video Links

Alto F whistle: Iontach - Siobhán Kennedy