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WHISTLE BAG, padded, black

The offered whistle bags are produced to own designs. They are padded bags which can be opened easily - but not too easy - and which give a protection to the whistle even when falling down. The following sizes match with the Goldie Whistle keys but should fit for other brands as well.

WHISTLE BAG, padded, black

  excl. 19% VAT incl. 19% VAT
Soprano EURO € 10 EURO € 11,90
MezzoSoprano EURO € 10 EURO € 11,90
Alto EURO € 11,50 EURO € 13,69
Tenor EURO € 11,50 EURO € 13,69
Bariton EURO € 13,50 EURO € 16,07
Bass EURO € 14,50 EURO € 17,26


This is a good quality case and has carrying handles and straps can be added to put over the shoulder. It was specifically designed by me for players who need a case for many whistles, it also can hold one-piece flutes as shown. Each side can hold up to 3 Low Cs in their own compartment and there are two wider compartments on each side which can be closed by a velcro band to hold smaller whistles. A padded flap in the middle of the case protects the whistles from touching each other. On the outside of the case is a compartment which opens by a zipper which can either hold additional whistles or accessories.


  excl. 19% VAT incl. 19% VAT
Soft case Low C size EURO € 45 EURO € 53,55


Additional to the listed prices is the actual costs of postage, wherever you are located. This varies depending on the receiver's country, weight and value of the shipment.

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Pricelist January 2018 (changes possible)