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The instruments I make are built to last a lifetime and longer but in such a time frame accidents can happen and I usually am able to repair instruments that on first sight may look to be beyond repair. So do not throw your instrument away and contact me, best with sending in a photo of the damage so that I can get an idea if I can help or it actually really is beyond repair.

Also I have come across instruments where over time the mouthpiece has clogged up and needs drastic cleaning. Basic cleaning can be done by yourself at home described in the FAQ-page but when it needs more then it is best that I have a look at it.

I will charge the postage costs back to you as well as a fee for the repair depending on the time I need.


In case your instrument is older, what always can be done is to give it a complete overhaul so that it is back to new or in some cases better than new. This means I will clean the windway and body thoroughly and polish the outside back to new as well as implementing new developements and techniques that I have learned and added over the years to my instrument building.

Instruments I also can offer an overhaul service for other than the ones I personally made are Overton whistles made by Bernard Overton or Phil Hardy.


  excl. 19% VAT incl. 19% VAT
Overhaul EURO € 45 EURO € 53,55

3. INSTRUMENT TUNING (for instruments I have not made)

I am known for the accurate tuning and overall performance of my instruments. If you have a whistle I did not make that is not in tune I can try and help out and adjust and fine tune it. Often I have come across whistles where the first octave plays in tune but as you go up in the second octave the notes get progressively flat. One can compensate this flaw by blowing extremly hard for these notes but the sound is not balanced anymore. The tuning adjustments of course only can work if the instrument has notes that are flat as you cannot really flatten sharp notes without putting tape or something on the holes to make them smaller. If the instrument is sharp I could replace the body of a non-tuneable and turn it into a tuneable instrument with a new body when possible. To make a new body only works if the material of your whistle matches the tube sizes I normally work with. After the tuning process has been made, the instrument will be repolished, making it look like new as well as having a complete overhaul beforehand.

Instruments I can offer this service for are Overton whistles made by Bernard Overton or Phil Hardy and other makes depending on their tube sizes if exchange of a body is needed.


  excl. 19% VAT incl. 19% VAT
Tuning/Fine tuning without need of a new body with overhaul EURO € 55 EURO € 65,45
Tuning/Fine tuning with need of a new body with overhaul in Soprano and Mezzo size EURO € 100 EURO € 119
Tuning/Fine tuning with need of a new body with overhaul in Alto and Tenor size EURO € 120 EURO € 142,80


Customers inside the EU will be charged prices which include 19% VAT.

Pricelist January 2018 (changes possible)

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All whistles I made, including those under the Overton brand name, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. This provides for repair or replacement in the case of defective materials or workmanship. Damage caused by abuse or misuse of the instrument is not covered. Any unauthorized repairs or modifications render the limited lifetime warranty void.

Whistles that are returned (with copy of the original invoice) will be either repaired or replaced at my discretion. If your whistle problem is not covered by the warranty, please do contact me anyway as I still may be able to help out in some way.

Please do not hesitate to email or phone us for any questions you have. We will always try to answer back as quickly and best we can.