Players - Jean-Michel Veillon

Jean-Michel Veillon is best known as the flute player with the Breton groups Kornog and Pennou Skoulm. He pioneered the use of the wooden flute in Breton music, and is also an excellent player of Irish tunes. His musical style is sensitive yet powerful, full of energy, subtlety, and great feeling. He is regarded by many musicians as the Celtic world's finest player of the wooden flute. "exceropt from "A guide to the Irish flute"

What Jean-Michel says about my work

"Colin Goldie's whistles and low whistles are really excellent, and easy to play. They have a great flexibility in tone which allows many options in both dynamics and expression". "Les whistles et low whistles de Colin Goldie sont d'excellente facture :  faciles à jouer, ils permettent un jeu aussi dynamique qu'expressif."